Is 2021 Still the Year to Sell Your House?

By Lucas Smith | September 3, 2021

Now is the time to sell your house if you’re thinking about making a move. A recent study by Fannie Mae shows that 75% of consumers think it’s a good time for selling their house, which surpassed past years (see graph below).

The housing market is projected to have a slow, steady growth in the near future. The homeowners who wish to sell their houses should do so quickly if they want the maximum amount of money out of it.

There are going to be many new construction projects and this will increase competition for first-time homebuyers making things difficult for those looking at resale homes until 2020 or 2021 when there might not be as much demand from first-timers due partly because millennials may start buying more frequently after that time frame which could drive up prices on existing properties with roomier interiors compared with smaller units by today’s standards but still less expensive than larger ones built since 2016 according what experts predict about how millennial preferences change over time.

The current housing market is favorable for sellers, as there are more buyers than homes available.
NAR’s 2018 Q2 Housing Puls report found that the number of homebuyers and renters increased since last year while availability decreased by 5%. The combination of high demand and low supply has led to a seller-favorable climate across US metro areas; this trend will continue through the end of 2018 due to slow new construction rates in most markets.

Homeowners looking to sell their houses are in luck because according to a recent study, it is the best time this year.
Why 2021 Is Still The Year To Sell Your House | MyKCM
If you’re trying to decide whether or not to sell your house, now is definitely the right choice and here’s why: Fannie Mae recently conducted an HPSI survey and realized that more homeowners believe they should be selling now instead of waiting for other months.

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to sell, now may be your chance! We see inventory increasing month by month so selling sooner rather than later will help maximize potential.

To take advantage of the sellers’ market, plan to sell your house in 2021. However don’t think that this will last forever as there is an increased supply and demand for homes which may change next year due to the 2020 elections. If you are wondering how exactly do I go about doing it then let’s connect over a coffee so we can discuss what needs be done now before these changes occur!

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