Coronavirus Could Be the Death of Any Hopes for a Global Business Rebound

By Lucas Smith | August 13, 2021

The recent outbreak in Saudi Arabia has put fear into many people about what this means for their businesses and jobs. With both Japan and South Korea halting trade with various countries, it’s becoming difficult to see how or when this will get resolved; but one thing we do know is that coronavirus isn’t going away anytime soon.

The economy has taken a hit since the virus, but California is in much worse shape. The state lost 1.24 million jobs as of June and was only at 93% employment before the crisis – 96% national average- while other states are still recovering closer to 100%.

It should come as no big surprise there’s been a hiccup in our economic rebound given that nobody expected it would be an easy ride back to normalcy after such devastation from the world’s first global pandemic when you consider this country is down about 10,000 manufacturing plants following its ravaging by 2069 census data released on September 15th which also indicates we’ve seen nearly 2 billion people die worldwide.

But progress is being made. Employers statewide boosted staffing in 2021’s first half by 3% compared with 2.2% growth in all other states, which means America may be able to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on jobs and businesses this time around thanks to proactive measures taken before the pandemic hit full force nationwide last year.

The recent resurgence of the Delta variant has actually proven to be a boon for public health, as those who are unable to get vaccinated have been nudged by fear and panic into finally getting themselves inoculated. There is no denying that this new wave will not only continue its deadly rampage against humanity but also push back any attempts at combating it until we’ve managed to bring vaccination levels up significantly from their current abysmal rates.

The new coronavirus risks and fears of Delta’s economic damage have led to a major increase in demand for homes. The tight housing market has made it difficult to find affordable living spaces, but these factors will only create more desire among buyers; many employers are delaying their workers return back from traditional offices which should further boost the need for home office space — an added bonus as there is already a shortage of such facilities on the open market. This means that if you plan on selling your property soon or looking into renovating one before moving away, now may be just about the best time!

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