Affordable Homes in Brea; Prices Start in the Low 300s

By Lucas Smith | July 23, 2021

For those looking to buy an affordable home, there is a newly opened second round of applications for the Flats at West Village. Located in northwest Brea across from Central Park, residents can expect prices starting around $320k and rising up to nearly half million dollars! Just keep in mind that these homes are reserved only for income-approved buyers.

Applications reopen for affordable homes on The Flats at West Village; 20 “stacked” flats across from Central Park offer high priced real estate with all units reserved solely for approved incomes.

Construction on the new condo building has been postponed for a few months. It first launched in late January and was supposed to be finished by 2020 but they are now looking at 2021, as well increasing their income requirements from $60-80K per year up to closer to six figures. They’re doing this so that more people can apply for it even if I don’t think many will qualify with just over fifty thousand dollars coming out of pocket each month!

If you are looking for a new home, then the Flats at West Village might be just what you need. With prices starting around $320k and going up to nearly half million dollars, this is an affordable housing development that will offer buyers more than they could ask for in Brea!

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